Many Caminos


Kira and Mike on the road in New Mexico.

Over a span of many years, Mike and Kira traveled many miles of roads. On these roads, imagination churned in our heads.

These ideas are scribbled on napkins from bars in small towns, from notes on the maps in states traveled, on trail maps run or hiked.

Between these places, conversations in our head about what if places, people, stories… What if…

We are wanderers on the storytelling plain.

We listen to the voices in our head, leading us toward story.

We are on Jouska Road.

Oliver Groenewald NEWNET

Oliver Groenewald NEWNET Promotional Video

One of our earlier productions was the remarkable opportunity to work with versatile German jazz musician and composer Oliver Groenewald and his jazz ensemble NEWNET. In cooperation with instructors and students from Shoreline Community College Digital Filmmaking and Music Departments, we were able to visually document  their live performance at Seattle’s Chapel Performance Space in May, 2014.

Here’s a sneak peek at the still grooving ensemble as they speak about music while preparing for their performance.  Check them out on Facebook.