Jouska Road at Seattle Film Summit 2017

1210170909Last year, I was proud to be a part of the Seattle Film Summit presented in Renton, WA in December, 2017. Meeting so many industry professionals and creatives helped to spark a light in our small production company to help make 2018 a busy and successful year.

The Seattle Film Summit empowers regional artists to develop innovative methods of storytelling, funding and distribution to shape a new, socially responsible film culture for the Pacific Northwest.  It brings together community partners from across local creative industries to present a day-long series of events focused on the continued evolution of film and digital media production in the region.

As Logistics and Volunteer Director again this year, I’m excited to bring my colleagues together at an event that will hopefully expand our film making horizons.


This year, I’m especially proud that Jouska Road Productions is one of the sponsors helping to bring such an important event to the PNW.

If you’d like more info, visit the Seattle Film Summit website or Facebook page or better yet – join us at the Hotel Interurban in Tukwila on November 17 and 18!

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