Jouska Road proud to be a sponsor at Seattle Film Summit 2018


SFS LOGONovember 2018 was a great time for Jouska Road!  Seattle Film Summit 2018 was in full stride at the Hotel Interurban,  and we were thrilled to be a part of it as one of its’ community sponsors.

The Seattle Film Summit is committed to empower and inspire Washington state media producers, especially filmmakers, to discover and develop innovative methods of storytelling, funding, and distribution.

As Logistics and Volunteer Coordinator, I was proud to work along side Co-Founders Ben Andrews, Lorraine Montez and Jonathan Keasey to bring an impressive line of LA and Seattle industry film professionals to Seattle in this two day event.

Of course, it’s never as easy as you think HOWEVER I was also VERY fortunate to work with the SFS team:  Chad Hutson (Public Relations), Marissa Fujimoto (Digital Media), Genevieve Trainor (Marketing), Kameko Thomas (Marketing), Bethany Hutson (Social Media).  It was pure madness keeping everything in order but this team was AMAZEBALLS to work with and so much fun! Each is so good at what they do and are a huge part of the SFS’s success.

SFS 2018

And the VOLUNTEERS! The best part of working in the Seattle film community is being able to bring together your colleagues to a dynamic networking opportunity, working with such organizations as TheFilmSchool, Bigfoot Script Challenge, NW Screenwriting Guild, Mighty Tripod Productions, SlagerFug, and so many more!


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