Year in Review 2018 – AFK

Ok, so it’s just about February 2019 and I’m just getting around to our year in review. That’s how crazy busy it’s been, but man, what a ride! It was an educational”year for us as we jumped into more producing roles with some exciting short films.  We learned A LOT, met and worked with some incredible filmmakers in the Seattle region, and forged our name on some great storytelling shorts. That’s what it’s all about, right?

AFK Away from keyboard Poster_FINAL

Our year started with AFK. I didn’t know what it meant either, but apparently it’s a popular gamer acronym, Away From Keyboard. Written by Clare Chun and Steve Harshfield, it’s about Sadie, an aspiring singer/songwriter who is caught up in the image making machine of social media, that she forgets who she really is, and by taking a social media break, what she is actually capable of doing.

Working with fellow Producer Andrea Hays,  Director Clare Chun, me as AD,  and Mike  – as the Crafty Guru he is becoming – embarked to several locations in and around Tacoma and Edmonds.

Director of Photography Rakesh Malik provided some great images, Brian Binning on Location Sound and a countless list of energetic SCC (Shoreline Community College) students and alumni filling out the 40+ cast, crew and extras.


Thanks to our editors Kaitlin Larson and Chris Wyatt, AFK is currently making its round on the festival circuit but you can visit us at AFK Facebook , on IMBD – AFK (Away from Keyboard) or take a gander at the AFK trailer here.


(photo credit: Kira Sipler)

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