Year in Review 2018 – Jameson

I promised myself only ONE production for 2018 but then came the opportunity to film the Hollyshorts script winner, JAMESONJameson PosterWritten and directed by John Humber, JAMESON (other than being my favorite whiskey) is a post apocalyptic thriller. That’s all I’m gonna say about it but you can watch the trailer here.

Jameson Kaz-08444Plus it reunited me with some kick ass filmmakers – Lorraine Montez, Marissa Fujimoto, Ben Andrews, Ryan Purcell, Ryan Wagenhauser, TK Johnson, Kate Dixon and well, Andrea Hays – oh too, too many to name! as well as starring Brad Carter, James Grixoni, Tony Doupe,

Needless to say, filming on Vashon Island with a cast and crew of about 40, it was a logistical challenge but with this immensely talented crew on your side, all is good!


Looking back, I was very fortunate to work with everyone who put their heart and soul into the production.

Jameson Kaz-08568




See what I mean??!!


Photo Credits: Kazuo Mayeda



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