At the end of a PERIOD, comes a great story.

Period poster finalIn June 2018, I had the pleasure of working with two my dearest collaborators, Debra Pralle and Lorraine Montez to bring to life, PERIOD.

Directed and written by Debra Pralle and produced by Lorraine Montez and Jouska Road, PERIOD poignantly portrays a young teenage girl’s anticipation around first period with great humor and sensitivity.

Our fantastic cast of Téa Watson Brandon Felker, Jules Florian and Kent Loomer were an absolute joy to work with!

I was blessed to work with an amazing crew including:  Mike Dabrowski, T.K. Johnson, Trina Griffin, Macy Mullen-Racca, Mary Liz Thomsen, Andrea Hays, Duncan Star-Boszko, Frances Tia-Baker, Brian Binning, Riley Porter, Emily Haugstad, Evan Miglorie, Paul ‘Wildstar’ Lewis, Sam Nelson, Nathan Edward Long, Isabel Zyla, Kris Boustedt and many more!

We enjoyed our private cast and crew screening last month and are excited to see where this powerful little movie will land in the film festival circuit!

Photo credits:  Kaz Mayeda and George Watt.

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