HollyShorts & Seattle Film Summit 2019

In August, Mike and I had the pleasure of visiting the HollyShorts Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA to represent Period. a short film filmed in Shoreline, WA in association with Open Window Entertainment and Abundant Productions.

One thing we were most proud of, aside from the film itself was being part of the group of WA filmmakers – Krk Nordenstrom, Lorraine Montez, Debra Pralle, Peter Barnes, Ben Andrews and so many more – representing our film community  AND most importantly, the Shoreline film community.


We were thrilled to meet Kevin Sheen from the  Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council who is PASSIONATE about making Shoreline the next Burbank of the Seattle film community.

Leaving Los Angeles made us appreciate our film community in the PNW even more and we look forward to networking with our Seattle colleagues to expand, solidify and strengthen our creative and collective forces with venues and events like the Seattle Film Summit.

SFS 2018
Team SFS 2018

SFS has been one of the most well attended and popular networking events in recent years and I’m proud to be part of its history.  This year’s venue is gearing up to be spectacular and I highly encourage my fellow creatives to attend!

SAT, NOV 16 – NOV 17
2019 Seattle Film Summit
Hyatt Regency Lake Washington · Renton

If you’d like to volunteer, register or get general information on how you can be a part of the SFS family, visit their website or Facebook page!


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