Jouska Road + Final Beat Films = 48 Hour FF Horror Fun!

So excited to be a part of Final Beat Film’s team for the Seattle 48 Hour Film Festival Horror 2019!

Working from a script by Peter Breit, directed by Emily Haugstad and shot by everyone’s favorite DP, T.K. Johnson, it’s always fun to collaborate again with our SCC alums and PNW professionals to push ourselves to make write, shoot, edit and finalize a film in 48 hours. Of course we were well fueled by Mike’s awesome food and I was happy to play between roles as 2nd AC, scripty, props and anything else the team needed!

Can’t wait to see the final result at screening night!  Get your tickets now!

We’re in Screening Group D
(link for tickets:

Team Final Beat Films would like to give a big special thanks to one of our amazing locations, that being Landmark’s Crest Cinema Center. Located in Shoreline is this beautiful little theater that has such a unique vibe to it that screams cinema. Check them out!!!


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