My. So much has happened since our last blog entry. First and foremost, our thoughts are with our colleagues, family and friends as we all trudge forward in the new normal of the Covid19 quarantine.

No doubt it’s been a troubling, challenging and daresay, trans formative time for us. I have faith we will strengthen bonds, with others and within ourselves during these extraordinary times and transcend ourselves to a new level of consciousness, awareness and compassion.

During a time where there seems to be so much uncertainty, one thing we wanted to share is how much we appreciate you, our creative community, and to thank you for helping us build our company by sharing your time, talent, experience, vision and humor. We look forward again to collaborating with our peers, when we can safely do so in person, and always the opportunity virtually to keep our creative flow moving.

Since Covid19 halted film production across the country, this allowed us each to follow through on some projects.

My partner and dear friend, Mike has kept himself busy doing what he does so well – caring for others through preparing homemade meals. In response to Covid19, Mike created frozen packaged meals of his popular catered dishes and snacks for members of former casts and film crews. He also has packets of other foods, as well, to “feed” your creativity in the coming weeks.

There are meals still available so if you’d rather have a homemade organic meal, well tested and respected through many film sets – instead of your Taco Bell Uber delivered take out, contact Mike at jouskaroad@gmail.com and he can help arrange delivery. There is plenty to share. This is a standing offer.

True to our mission statement, Jouska Road is listening the ideas of our minds and exploring new roads. JRP continues it commitment to story telling in the NW while expanding to the SW, so think of us as JRP, NWxSW. It is our hope by expanding our horizons from the PNW to include the SW we will be able to cultivate and foster more projects between these two richly creative regions.

To that end, I’ve been busy expanding our creative network by spending some time in Albuquerque, New Mexico – my hometown. Proud, excited and scared to share my recent realization that I am now a full time filmmaker. I’m currently working as the Volunteer Coordinator with Albuquerque Film and Music Experience. More on this new adventure in a later blog so stay tuned!

Mike and I started Jouska Road as a creative adventure to collaborate with other writers, actors, directors, and storytellers. We’ve been blessed to work with so many great people in the PNW and have come to adore our Shoreline film making community. We look forward to expanding our film family in New Mexico.

Until we can gather once again, we are all in this together. Stay safe, stay healthy.

Visit us and like us at Jouska Road Productions | Jouska Road Facebook

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