Jouska Road sponsors AFMX

Jouska Road is proud to be a sponsor of the Albuquerque Film & Music Experience (AFMX), a premier interactive film & music festival, held in Albuquerque, New Mexico each September.

We are excited to extend our creative and collaborative wings to help our new community and look forward to working with the highly respected film and music community here in Albuquerque.

AFMX features domestic and international movies, engaging industry panels and workshops, exciting networking events, parties, live music, and more.

Education is a key component of AFMX’s activities and events. Year-round, AFMX helps young people explore the film and music industries, participate in the various aspects of production, and provide educational opportunities for those who may wish to pursue professional careers in film, music and related endeavors.

Albuquerque has emerged as one of the top film and TV production locations in the nation, with an industry that is leading the city’s economic growth. Whereas the physical beauty and constant sunshine of New Mexico have attracted film producers for decades, lower-costs, and generous incentives have enhanced the city and state’s attractiveness to the film industry.

Netflix’s recent announcement to invest over one billion dollars, and locate its next production hub in Albuquerque, along with NBC Universal’s investment into the City, is a testament to the significance of the industry in our City. AFMX, through its educational programs, supports professional development and the growth of the industry. In addition, AFMX is on course to become a significant, annual visitor attraction, while drawing attention to our robust film industry.

To learn more about AFMX, check out their website at

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