Michael J. Dabrowski

Mike4bioMichael J. Dabrowski – Co-Founder

Craft Services | Producer  | Writer

Years ago, Mike enrolled in a life-long continuing education program in the school of LAS (Liberating Arts and Sciences). A scientist by trade, an artist by nature, he is ever curious and always open to new possibilities.

Jouska Road represents the latest iteration in his evolution as an artist and human being.

Projects & Collaborations

SNAP! (Seattle 48 Film Festival Horror) – 2019, Craft Services, Executive Producer     IMDB

A mysterious killer supernaturally traps his prey in mysterious locations, toying with them before making his lethal move.

BLIND SPOT (Short/Thriller) – 2019, Craft Services, Executive Producer    IMDB | TRAILER

In midst a toxic relationship, Sara is tested when she has a different way of handling a deadly accident than her boyfriend, Brandon. blind spot is a story of love, loss, and making the right choice even if it means losing everything.

RIFT (Short/Seattle 48 Hour Film Festival) – 2019, Craft Services      IMDB 

LILY (Short/Comedy/Horror) – 2019, Craft Services     IMDB |

A young woman receives a babysitting gig for the daughter of a well-off family. However, the job takes a dark turn when Lily, the aforementioned daughter, proves to be more of a handful than expected.

EVIL DEAD 2 (Escape Room Video) – 2019, Craft Services. https://hourglassescapes.com/

CHILDISH THINGS – 2019, Craft Services

A DAY IN MY LIFE – 2019, Craft Services

ROBOCALL – 2019, Craft Services

PERIOD. (Short/Comedy) – 2018, Craft Services, Executive Producer      IMDB  | TRAILER 

It’s 1983 and 12-year old Vivian can’t wait to get her period. Armed with sketchy information at best (it’s the 80’s) and a support system comprised of only her single dad and male best friend, she discovers that “the event” is infinitely more difficult to navigate than she imagined.

THE MAN THAT TIME FORGOT (Short/Thriller/Noir-48 Hr) – 2018, Craft Services              IMDB |VIDEO

Hard-edged detective Ruby is charmed by a mysterious client, strangely of his own era, who hires her to confirm his suspicions of a cheating wife. She soon unravels his web of lies, and is forced to make a decision about her future.

INTERCOURSE (Short/Horror) – 2018, Craft Services, Executive Producer      IMDB |
A student’s terrible film is suddenly accepted to one of the most renowned festivals, the cast and crew get vicious, threatening his life. While his relationships crumbles, He ruminates on whether somethings are better left abandoned.

AFK (Short/Drama) – 2018, Craft Services, Executive Producer          IMDB | TRAILER| VIDEO
AFK (Away from Keyboard) follows Sadie, an aspiring singer/songwriter find happiness and fulfillment in one’s artistic journey in a heavily plugged in social media drenched society and status driven world.

LEGACY (Short/Drama) – 2016, Craft Services, Executive Producer          IMDB | TRAILER

A young woman, Charlie, decides to enlist in the Marines in order to follow in her father’s footsteps. But when Charlie invites a Marine recruiter to dinner and tells her father her plans to enlist, she sets off a chain of events that takes her on a journey she never expected.

THE AUTUMN WALTZ (Short, Drama) – 2016, Producer IMDB TRAILER VIDEO

It was fifty years ago that Woody and Carol Ann went on their first date. They fell in love on the dance floor that night, the beginning of a lifetime of memories that they’ve shared together. But all that changes when Woody realizes that the woman he’s loved for all these years doesn’t remember him anymore. With the help of his friend Thom, Woody looks for a way to help Carol Ann relive the memories she loved so much, and the happiness they shared.